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The sales landscape has changed. Your customer wants to buy from someone they can trust and build a longterm relationship with. Today, it is about ethical influence and persuasion. The successful salesperson knows how to build relationships and push for a buying decision without losing rapport. This is the basis of Next Level Persuasion.

Sales & Business Training Using NLP

Next Level Persuasion uses techniques from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Psychology to improve your team's performance in business and results in sales. Our practical training courses are business and results-focused, which means you will see the impact immediately. Working with sales teams, management and senior leadership, we ensure that sales results are maximised and that the team are supported and motivated in a way that will get the best possible results.

Sales Training

Next Level Persuasion is designed for sales people who want to understand how to practically use NLP in their sales process. Our sales training uses the sales model from the book and adapts it to your business, product or service.

Management Training

Working with management teams ensures that the changes implemented at a sales level get reinforced and stick. Our sales management training teaches effective coaching, leadership and performance management techniques.

NLP Training

We offer NLP (neuro-lingusitic programming) training, starting with our business NLP diploma through to Business NLP Practitioner. For people who really want to understand NLP in more detail for their business.

This book really helped me with my confidence and has boosted my sales numbers. Plenty of ideas and skills that can be transferrable in everyday life.
Date published: 06/01/2014
5.0 / 5 stars

Next Level PERSUASION - Amazon Review

``This book really helped me with my confidence and has boosted my sales numbers.
Plenty of ideas and skills that can be transferrable in everyday life.`` DH - General Manager

Persuasion Influence Communication

Success in business and sales is determined by your ability to do the above activities well. NLP and Next Level Persuasion teach practical techniques designed to help make you and your team better communicators.

Sales Conversations

Using your language to build strong levels of rapport with your prospect is important, but unless you know where to take that conversation, how will that ever lead to a deal? Sales conversations follow the 5 step process from Next Level Persuasion and are designed to encourage influence and persuasion in a sales situation.

Management Conversations

Getting the best possible performance from a team is the goal of every manager. But how many managers actually know how to communicate with their team to make this happen? Generic motivational speeches, empty praise and the same feedback sandwich need to give way to more effective communication.

Leadership Conversations

Leadership teams are often intentionally made up of people with differing opinions to avoid one-dimensional companies. However, this mix of personalities often makes it challenging to communicate effectively. Understanding each other’s communication preferences as well as your own in essential to ensure a smooth and consistent image of leadership.

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