Next Level Persuasion Training Solutions

The only way to succeed in sales today is by understanding and influencing the psychology of your prospect.

Next Level Persuasion offers a range of training modules for all levels within an organisation, not just sales training. Our training courses cover key business elements and combine years of business experience with the latest in psychological understanding from NLP and other research. If you are interested in finding out other areas we can support your business, contact us here, or email us at

  • We diagnose and assess the effectiveness of your sales process
  • We create bespoke training solutions that leverage our core sales training modules
  • We reinforce learning to drive behaviour change through coaching and online learning resources

Beyond Training

Our sales training is based on neuro-linguistic programming, psychology and behavioural economics and uses the latest research in influence and persuasion to really develop your sales team. On top of that, we have the ability to psychologically profile your entire sales and management team to identify key opportunities for improvement in performance. Supported by coaching and additional resources, we can help you with the whole process, or one piece at a time, based on your biggest opportunity for sales lift and what needs attention first?

  • NLP sales diploma?
  • Cold calling?
  • Objection handling?
  • Advanced questioning process?
  • Soft skills?
  • Presentation skills?
  • Coaching skills?

Whatever your sales and training requirements, Next Level Persuasion’s experience and flexible approach can help you find the ideal solution. By combining training based on the latest research on influence and persuasion with products and coaching designed to embed all of that knowledge, you can be sure your sales team will go on to their next level of sales performance.

For more information, please contact us today, or click here to download the Next Level Persuasion training brochure to see our full range of services and curriculum.