Putting the tools of NLP into the hands of salespeople

There is a good chance that, if you are reading this,you understand the powerful effects understanding NLP (neurolinguisitic programming) can have on sales performance. Perhaps you have studied it yourself, or someone you know who is a great salesperson uses it in their sales process? Either way, you are probably looking for a way to bring NLP into your sales approach.

That is what Next Level Persuasion is all about, but it goes further than other NLP sales books… a lot further.

In the research for the book, it appeared as though there were a lot of conceptual books teaching NLP with a loose connection to business and sales. However, after training sales people for over 10 years, I knew that they needed more tangible techniques, real-world applications and actual processes they could incorporate immediately into their sales tactics to make a direct impact on their results.

Real-World Sales Tactics Using NLP & Psychology

Having taught salespeople from almost every field (including IT, advertising, software, education to name a few), I have learned how to take the tools and techniques from NLP and translate them into actionable strategies that have a direct impact on sales performance.

This book takes the core messages that I have trained to thousands of sales people across the world and unpacks every single tactic that you need to influence during any sales process. Whether you work in business to business sales, retail, telesales or even selling door-to-door, there are techniques in this book that will make you more effective and persuasive as a communicator and influencer.

In the book, you will learn the following key processes:


  • Find out how to craft an opening interaction that will have your prospect asking you for more information rather than leaving you chasing. Apply this to cold calling, networking or any other form of initial contact with your prospects.


  • You understand how important it is to build rapport with your prospect, but old techniques are becoming less and less effective. Discover the exact processes that will allow you to develop deeper levels of rapport than ever before so you can be even more influential and persuasive.


  • Help educate your prospect on how to make a good decision to buy any service in your field, whilst at the same time laying seeds for them to realise that your product or service is the natural choice.


  • Learn the key factors and values that are driving your prospect’s buying decisions and learn how to align yourself, your product and your service to match what they are looking for.


  • Discover how to manage your prospect’s mindset over the finish line to guarantee the close. Learn how to handle objections, negotiate and close all without dropping your price.

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