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Learn more about the book, Next Level Persuasion, and how you can use neuro-linguistic programming and psychology to increase your sales.
Next Level Persuasion sales training teaches you and your team the techniques based on neuro-linguistics, psychology and behavioural science.
Take advantage of Next Level Persuasion’s ongoing coaching and support as well as supporting material to develop and embed learning.

Sales Training Programs

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NLP Sales Diploma

Discover the core elements of NLP and how they apply to sales and the Next Level Peruasion sales model.

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Objection Handling Training

Uncover techniques to align your prospects understanding to your product’s vision and values.

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Cold Call Training

Discover techniques to create instant rapport, genuine interest and progress past the initial contact.

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Presentation Skills Training

Engage your prospects in every sales pitch with tools and techniques that make you a great presenter.

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Advanced Questioning

Discover how to structure a questioning model to lead your prospect to the point where they want to buy.

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Next Level Persuasion Significantly Improves Sales Productivity

Why Next Level Persuasion?

Practical, Results Focused Sales Training

Next Level Persuasion is grounded in practical tactics and techniques that sales people can start to use immediately. With years of experience delivering training courses in some of the toughest sales environments, Next Level Persuasion knows how to help your team get results with actionable training.

Sales Training Based On The Latest Science

There have been numerous advances in the fields of persuasion, influence and understanding of how and why people make buying decisions. Next Level Persuasion uses the latest science and incorporates this into both training theory as well as tactical activities.

Understanding Of How Learning Works

We understand that behaviour change often takes more than just training. This is why we are committed to embedding lessons using ongoing coaching and supporting training materials. Once the initial training is over, the application of the new knowledge begins and is supported with regular, multi-format reinforcement.

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