The Best NLP Techniques

The Best NLP Techniques

Learn the powerful ideas and techniques that come from the field of neuro-linguistic programming.

Practical Sales Tools

Practical Sales Tools

Develop practical, powerful methods for applying these concepts in your sales process.

Close More Deals

Close More Deals

As a master of ethical persuasion and influence, you will have more prospects saying yes.

The Author

Dan Storey has trained sales teams across the world in how to persuade and influence using NLP!

Having been teaching NLP for over 15 years in a business context, Dan knows what it takes to practically apply NLP concepts in a sales context. In addition, a MSc in Behavioural Decision Science gives Dan a unique balance of understanding of sales, both from influencing as well as decision making perspectives.

Next Level Persuasion has been taught to businesses of all sizes and industries, helping salespeople to identify ways to be more effective at persuading prospects to buy their products and services. Whether you work in advertising, education, real estate, finance or IT, Next Level Persuasion will make you a better salesperson.

Looking forward to helping you become a more powerful persuader!

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Applying NLP to every stage of selling!

Check out the key chapters of the book. These stages apply to every sales process, whether you are in B2B, B2C, retail or any other selling scenario.

Chapter 1: Opening

Learn how to make the most impactful first impression and set the ongoing tone of your sales relationship

Chapter 2: Connecting

Discover how rapport really works and techniques that help you connect with clients deeper than ever before

Chapter 3: Educating

Teaching your clients how to make a good decision allows them to feel empowered rather than manipulated

Chapter 4: Motivating

Help your prospects feel a drive to take immediate action, and create urgency around the decision to buy

Chapter 5: Commiting

Commitment can be scary, so learn how to remove blockages from the prospect saying yes

Plus much more...

Discover the mindset, beliefs and psychology that help convert techniques into real sales success

Just another NLP book pretending to be about sales?

After over 10 years of training this to businesses and salespeople around the world, this book has managed to combine the excellent theory of neurolinguistic programming with the practical aspect that salespeople are looking for.

This is definitely a sales book, written about NLP... not the other way around!

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